Physician Office

We’re here to support physicians with resources to help provide quality care and simplify administrative workflows.

Cultural Competency and the American with Disabilities Act

Awareness of cultural competency and Americans with Disabilities Act requirements has been shown to help health care professionals improve overall care by creating stronger personal connections with patients. Learn more by reviewing our self-paced guide.

Patient Experience

For years, we’ve collaborated with health care professionals and gathered best practices that have helped improve the patient experience. Explore these tips for ideas and insight to address challenging areas in your practice. Thank you for everything you do to provide quality care for the patients and members we serve.

Additionally, your Patient Care Opportunity Review (PCOR) is generated monthly using claims data to help you quickly identify UnitedHealthcare Medicare Advantage plan members with open preventive care opportunities.

Peer-to-Peer Reviews

In an effort to simplify the peer-to-peer process, we are making online scheduling faster for you and your staff. We’ve updated our Peer-to-Peer Scheduling Request form with the ability to submit it directly from our website.