Exam Room

We have resources to support your patient interactions in the exam room, at the point of care.

COVID-19 Provider Resources

For more information on COVID-19 Vaccines, please visit UHCprovider.com.

Point of Care Assist®

Point of Care Assist understands that time is your most precious resource. This new, free solution reduces administrative chaos with fewer clicks, provides real-time data and insights within the EMR that helps you eliminate blind spots in care and serves as a one-stop experience for you and your patient so you can avoid surprises and foster co-decisioning.

Point of Care Assist adds real-time patient information — including clinical, pharmacy, labs, prior authorization and cost transparency to make it easier for you to understand what patients need at the point of care. Watch this short video to discover more about Point of Care Assist.

PreCheck MyScript® is integrated into your electronic medical record (EMR) and shows patient-specific, real-time medication costs and coverage. This valuable information is provided right at the time of prescribing, directly within your EMR workflow. See the proven results by reading our PreCheck MyScript white paper.

Prescription Drug List

The prescription drug list (PDL) is a list of prescription medications commonly chosen by doctors and pharmacies. Prescription drug coverage varies by member benefit plan. Visit UHCprovider.com/pharmacy to review the latest PDL for your patients.

Patient Experience

Your interactions with patients play a key role in their experience and overall health. Your guidance and solutions help them navigate the complexities of health care and make it easier for them to get timely care, tests and treatment.

The Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (CAHPS®) survey and the Health Outcomes Survey (HOS) provide feedback on patient’s experience with you and us. UnitedHealthcare’s goal is to continue to help improve the overall experience for patients who are UnitedHealthcare members. For more information on patient experience, review our self-paced guide.

Individual Health Records

The Individual Health Records (IHR) platform delivers patient information across all patient encounters in the health care delivery system including:

  • Diverse data, such as inpatient, outpatient, ambulatory, in-network, out-of-network and reported sources, is combined into a single record
  • Access to current and historical diagnoses, visits, medications and tests from physicians outside your practice


The UnitedHealthcare Provider Portal is a one-stop resource to check referral requirements, submit referral requests and check the status of previously submitted requests. This self-paced course shows you how to complete these tasks quickly and easily.